Zabbix 2.4.6 on Centos 7.1 – Part 3

We start of installing stunnel and prerequisites on the zabbix server (and not proxy)

When we first install stunnel, we have to make our certificates that we then can use to encrypt our zabbix traffic. To make the keys (note the -days on the openssl)

So we got the keys, next we need […]

Zabbix 3.0.13 Proxy on Centos 7.1 – Part 2

We have our zabbix server, next we plan to install a proxy on a remote location. This proxy will activly send (initiate) the connection to the zabbix server. Therefore, no firewall changes are required. To setup a Zabbix Proxy, we start off installing nano:

and updating centos:

Next we add the zabbix repository […]