Synology 5+ Nas Template

On the zabbix share website, I’ve found a template that met my requirements for synology nas, but I’ve noticed some few things missing for memory and or if there is an update available. Since I didn’t found on zabbix share or GitHub how to fork or improve the templates, I’ve uploaded it onto my personal […]

Install Elasticsearch / elk stack

Prequisites: sudo yum install nano wget nmap net-tools ntp -y sudo yum update -y && sudo reboot If you don’t use ipv6, (like I do, i’ll disable this, otherwise, logstash also starts tcp6 and udp6 listeners): sudo nano /etc/sysctl.conf add the line: net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6 = 1 Finally reload the sysctl file: sudo sysctl -p Time is […]

Install Zabbix Agent on Mac osx

Update as of 16/04/18 Create a  service user: zabbix Check if the gid you will use, is still available, for users: sudo dscl . -list /Users UniqueID Groups: sudo dscl . -list /Groups UniqueID

For zabbix clients 3.4 on mac os, we’ll also need PCRE as noted here Switch to Download folder of […]

Project Server – Auto Publish – Claims authentication

This script auto publishes each project in your sharepoint project server with claims enabled. Also thanks to a colleague, who invented the the $pwslogon part 🙂

Azure – How to Create a Loadbalancer in the New Portal – ARM

In the new ARM portal of azure you cannot assign dynamic ip’s to Virtual machines, You can however create a loadbalancer, assign a static ip and forward this traffic to you internal static IP of your VM! I came across this blog that creates a loadbalancer in the new ARM portal via Powershell: However, […]

Automated Spark Installation

For people who wants an automated installation of Spark via Powershell. EDIT: View “Recent History” for changes. Also, if you get SSO error’s, just reboot!!    

Windows Server Backup – Email Notification

For Small Business it is not easy to have a cheap backup solution. There is always something missing, incremental backup, mail notifications, etc… Therefore i went online and started searching, backup and notification. I came across this thread on Technet Microsoft: Technet Forum – Windows Backup Notification In short: We can use Blat (command line tool […]