About Me

Something About me:

IT has always been a personal interest. First more of a support base in diverse applications and small business software.
ThenĀ I took it to the next step and now I’m an Engineer in an environment of 500+ servers (in a team of around 30 technical engineers).

In the evening I’m a teacher, primarily in Windows, but also Linux (Ubuntu).
When I’m not working and / or teaching, I find myself testing all kind of applications or designing / helping small business from 1 to 150 clients.

Everyday I find myself working/testing with the following software:

Windows Server 2003 – 2012R2
Active Directory
Centos / Ubuntu
HP Servers
HP switches
Microsoft SQL Server

The goal of this blog?
As my colleague said to me: if you take something from the community, try to share something back.
And last: I try to keep my solutions “stupid and simple”.


My github web page: https://github.com/2Dman