Install Elasticsearch / elk stack

Prequisites: sudo yum install nano wget nmap net-tools ntp -y sudo yum update -y && sudo reboot If you don’t use ipv6, (like I do, i’ll disable this, otherwise, logstash also starts tcp6 and udp6 listeners): sudo nano /etc/sysctl.conf add the line: net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6 = 1 Finally reload the sysctl file: sudo sysctl -p Time is […]

Install Zabbix Agent on Mac osx

Update as of 16/04/18 Create a  service user: zabbix Check if the gid you will use, is still available, for users: sudo dscl . -list /Users UniqueID Groups: sudo dscl . -list /Groups UniqueID

For zabbix clients 3.4 on mac os, we’ll also need PCRE as noted here Switch to Download folder of […]

Project Server – Auto Publish – Claims authentication

This script auto publishes each project in your sharepoint project server with claims enabled. Also thanks to a colleague, who invented the the $pwslogon part 🙂

Azure – How to Create a Loadbalancer in the New Portal – ARM

In the new ARM portal of azure you cannot assign dynamic ip’s to Virtual machines, You can however create a loadbalancer, assign a static ip and forward this traffic to you internal static IP of your VM! I came across this blog that creates a loadbalancer in the new ARM portal via Powershell: However, […]

Automated Spark Installation

For people who wants an automated installation of Spark via Powershell. EDIT: View “Recent History” for changes. Also, if you get SSO error’s, just reboot!!    

Windows Server Backup – Email Notification

For Small Business it is not easy to have a cheap backup solution. There is always something missing, incremental backup, mail notifications, etc… Therefore i went online and started searching, backup and notification. I came across this thread on Technet Microsoft: Technet Forum – Windows Backup Notification In short: We can use Blat (command line tool […]

Zabbix 2.4.6 on Centos 7.1 – Part 3

We start of installing stunnel and prerequisites on the zabbix server (and not proxy)

When we first install stunnel, we have to make our certificates that we then can use to encrypt our zabbix traffic. To make the keys (note the -days on the openssl)

So we got the keys, next we need […]