Qnap – Docker – Nagios XI – Cheap Monitoring Solution

Hello Everybody!

In this post i’m going to setup a Docker Host on a QNAP TS 251 and Use “tgoetheyn docker image” to setup a test Nagios XI Server.
The advantages are enormous:
First, no extra server and Docker takes less resources than a full blown VM.
I do not have to start vmware workstation/player, install everything, search guides how to install,…
If you have problems with your Docker file, just close it, trow it away, install again & run. (you will lose your config though)


It is a tad more complicated.
If the administrator of your docker file won’t support the installer anymore, then you have to fork or pray someone else will.

So we start off navigating to the QNAP Web interface, install docker (from the app center) and launch the docker app:

Search for Nagios XI or tgoetheyn for the docker file, click install & create


Limit the CPU and Memory usage, we don’t want it to consume everything 🙂

Click Create the container:


Finish, Next up, We fire up your browser and access Nagios XI


Nagios Install:



Finished, Nagios Dashboard



Let the testing begin!

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